Z.E.D.S. Rising by Bradley Botts

This is a story of the post-apocalyptic world that people predicted but only few were prepared for. The Z.E.D.S. are a particular group of up-risers that prepared and accepted the challenge of helping mankind survive. They long prophesized the coming of the dead and knew what to do when the time came for them.

The challenges they face test their faith, strength and ability to do what is needed from them. The dead walk the earth and leave only destruction in their wake. Atlas chronicles from beginning to end of the journey and obstacles the Z.E.D.S. face, but even with preparation with what comes forward no one could be ready for.

My name is Bradley. I am a father of four and writing has always been a passion of mine. I am obsessed with different scenarios that consists of the end of times. I have always been eager to learn how mankind would actually react to this and I wanted to portray how certain group of people would survive.

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Categories:   Science Fiction