Without a Trace by Michael Cross

Without a Trace by Michael Cross
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 256 KB

Not knowing who you are is a strange thing, it also makes you desperate.
That desperate quest for knowledge and filling in the gaps that litter Echo’s mind takes him to Minneapolis in search of the Hermit.
He’s a man that Echo has no memory of, but his phone number was the only one programmed into a burner phone he found in his safe house in Chicago.

After finding him, the Hermit offers him a deal: information about his past in exchange for his help in breaking the power of a street gang that’s been extorting money from the local businesses.
He quickly learns the situation is far more complicated.

It’s not a local street gang running the extortion racket. They’re simply the muscle for the man behind the curtain. Although he’s seen by many as a philanthropist and a pillar of the community, behind closed doors he runs the mob in Minneapolis. And he’s got a plan to drive out the local business owners.
Going up against street gangs is one thing. Going up against the mob is something else entirely and is likely to get you killed. But having a big blank spot in your head where your identity and your life used to reside makes you do desperate things.
And all Echo can do is hope it’s not fatal.

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller