What Lies Beyond by B.B. Palomo

What Lies Beyond by B.B. Palomo
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 455 KB

Willow Harper would give anything to have saved her father from the crash. Behind the wheel, she doesn’t walk away unscathed, and it’s not the gash on her head or the hole in her heart that scars her most—it’s what awakes inside of her.

Dark shadows lurk in the corners of Willow’s eyes. Objects move on their own. Desperate for help, she turns to three friends, but the more they know, the louder an ominous voice screams in her head, filling her with violent impulses that threaten the lives of those around her.

Willow must uncover her family’s dark past and face the power within to save herself and the ones she loves. But, as the secrets unravel, the quicker the door closes on her chance for salvation.

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