What Goes Up by Allen Weiner

What Goes Up by Allen Weiner
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 310 KB

Secret conversations go up; headlines come down
“What Goes Up” tells the story of Max Rosen, a 24-year-old Philadelphia native with a powerful digital mind living in the analog world of the late 1970s. His lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer did not quite pan out. Still, his writing talent and great intellect led him to a job as an entry-level newspaper reporter in Northeastern, Pennsylvania.

On his own for the first time, Max stumbles badly out of the gate in his new job and must use his wits, guile, and some less-than-legal tactics to get his career back on track. Simultaneously, the past re-emerges emotional struggles at every turn that adds a layer of complexity on his path toward success. For Max Rosen, the road to personal and professional redemption is indeed a rocky one.

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