What Did I Do? by Jessica Jarlvi

Following the death of her husband, Kristin quits Chicago for Sweden, armed with a substantial insurance pay out and a plan to start over. But Kristin’s peaceful new life is soon disturbed by creepy, anonymous phone calls. Could they be linked to the threatening letters, accusing her of murdering her husband? Paranoid, she starts therapy to try and make sense of her past, opening up for the first time about her younger brother’s suspicious death.

With her tormentor’s mind games escalating, Kristin grows increasingly confused, tormented by visions of her brother drowning, her husband gasping for air, and her mother’s twisted, broken limbs draped across the stairs of her childhood home. She feels as though she’s losing her mind. Was she responsible for her husband and brother’s deaths, her mother’s accident? Could she be a killer and not remember?

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller