Walleye by P.W. Ross

Walleye by P.W. Ross
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 622 KB

A dark secret lurks beneath the placid lake waters…

Dot com millionaire Jack Alexander lives a life of privilege. At fifty years old, he spends his days traveling, managing a charitable NGO and fishing at his beloved cabin in Northern Ontario. But his latest expedition on stunning Lake Temagami reels in a bigger catch than he bargained for…

By happenstance, when Jack and his fishing partner raise a deep water trap, they discover a grisly surprise… Instead of trout, a pair of naked corpses are in the wire mesh, entwined like lovers. After filing a police report, Jack discovers the slain couple is only a grim harbinger of things to come.

A string of brutal murders plagues the quiet lake town. Each death is more shocking than the last, and Jack is convinced that whoever’s behind it is sending a message. The last thing local police want is a civilian stepping on their toes but they need his help and he is reluctantly drawn into the hunt.

Locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse, Jack races against time to stop the killer from striking again. If he fails, the next body pulled from the murky depths may well be his own…

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