Up With The Crows by Zoe Parker

A feather for my nest…
My financial situation is beyond desperate and that stripper pole is looking better and better. But I refuse to put on the baby oil just yet, there’s got to be someone out there willing to hire me.
Luck is not on my side, at least until I spot the Crow’s feather. The wind decides to try and keep me from my prize, so I’m left with no choice except to follow it. Two seconds later a truck plowed into my car, that I just got out of.
A black feather saved my life. No, I’m not kidding, it literally kept me from being a can of spam.
The feather, not done with me yet, takes off again. Driven to chase it, I do, and it takes me to this gloomy foreboding building that I don’t recall ever seeing before.
And as fate would have it… there’s a now hiring sign on the front gate.

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Categories:   Fantasy