Turbulent Wake by Paul E. Hardisty

Turbulent Wake by Paul E. Hardisty
English | 2019 | General Fiction | ePUB | 425 KB

A stark, stunning and poignant new novel from the bestselling author of the Claymore Straker series.

Ethan Scofield returns to the place of his birth to bury his father. Hidden in one of the upstairs rooms of the old man’s house he finds a strange manuscript, a collection of stories that seems to cover the whole of his father’s turbulent life. As his own life starts to unravel, Ethan works his way through the manuscript, trying to answer mysteries that have plagued him since he was a child. What happened to his little brother? Why was his mother taken from him? And why, when there was no one else left, did his own father push him away?
Swinging from the coral cays of the Caribbean to the dangerous deserts of Yemen and the wild rivers of Africa, Turbulent Wake is a bewitching, deeply moving story of love and loss, of the indelible damage we do to those closest to us, and, ultimately, of the power of redemption in a time of change.

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Categories:   Contemporary