Toll for the Dead by MS Morris

Toll for the Dead by MS Morris (Bridget Hart #7)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 717 KB

A solemn funeral. A bitter schism. A brutal murder.
When the much-loved lord of the manor, Henry Burton, passes away, the villagers of Hambledon-on-Thames gather to pay their respects at his funeral. But the day is marred when the churchwarden is found brutally battered to death in the north transept of the church.

Called to investigate, Detective Inspector Bridget Hart soon unearths a tangled web of old grudges and simmering feuds beneath the tranquil idyll of this sleepy South Oxfordshire village.
Bridget and her team must look beyond the thatched cottages and rose-covered houses to uncover the truth and prevent another death.

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