The Ultimate Guide to Preserving Vegetables

The Ultimate Guide to Preserving Vegetables: Canning, Pickling, Fermenting, Dehydrating and Freezing Your Favorite Fresh Produce by Angi Schneider
English | 2020 | Food & Drink | ePUB | 176 MB

Practical Methods & Recipes for Creating a Treasure Trove of Preserved Foods
When veggies are at their peak ofthe season, this preserving compendium covering nearly every vegetable is your one-stop source. Brimming with 100 recipes, beautiful full-page color images, step-by-step preservation methods and handy reference charts, this foolproof guide will help you master canning & pickling, fermenting, dehydrating and freezing the most common garden produce.

Angi Schneider is a master of preserving. She shares methods that emphasize simplicity yet keep the flavors exciting, and shares tips for working your preserved foods into your family’s regular meal plan so nothing goes to waste.

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