The Time Hopper’s Gambit by KD Mack

The Time Hopper’s Gambit by KD Mack
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | eBook | 188 KB

Graduating Chrono Corp Academy to become part of the teams that helped preserve the timeline was a dream come true for Steff and her friend Bendon. Now they would work together to pick up Time Hoppers that weren’t following the rules and keep the timeline safe.

Kreg accidentally figured out how to travel through time and navigate the vortex without getting lost in it. But he knew he would have to evade Chrono Corp Officers if he was to keep his freedom.

When Steff starts having dreams of other events that appear so real, she begins to see glimpses of a man and objects in the vortex that seem to be breadcrumbs leading her, but to where?

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