The Spy’s Door by Maidie Reeve

The Spy’s Door by Maidie Reeve
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 190 KB

The world of the magic game, The Tenth Gateway, is again under threat. Eda, the guardian of the game, and her supporters are preparing for battle. The Game World must be protected at all costs against the evil magician, Malefic. But his power has grown and his goblin army is on the move. Can Malefic be stopped?

Sophie and her two friends, Jun and Aisha, respond to Eda’s call for help. They are confident that they can defeat Malefic because they have played the game before. But when they start to play, they realise, too late, that everything has changed. Anything can happen. To make matters worse, Sophie’s annoying cousin, Basil, has tagged along. And who is the mysterious hooded figure who is watching their every move?
With terrifying creatures trying to stop them and new challenges and puzzles to solve, can the three friends, and Basil, survive the game and reach Eda’s camp and The Tenth Gateway?

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction