The Space Wolf Omnibus by William King

The Space Wolf Omnibus by William King
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 800 KB

The howling fury of the Space Wolves is about to be unleashed! On the grim death world of Fenris, the sparse population faces a daily battle for survival against lethal monsters and rival tribes. But Fenris is also home to the mighty Space Wolves Chapter of Space Marines, the Emperor’s elite warriors in a universe full of aliens, heretics and mutants. The adventures of Ragnar begin when he is revived from a savage death in battle and inducted into the ranks of the Space Wolves. But can the ferocious Ragnar conquer the beast within and fulfil his destiny on the battlefields of the 41st millennium?

#1 – Space Wolf
After being revived from a savage death on the battlefield, Ragnar is recruited into the fearsome Space Wolves Chapter. He is then thrown into a galactic war against the dark forces of Chaos. However, the implanting of the Canis Helix unleashes his primal instincts and Ragnar must fight to control the beast within him.

#2 – Ragnar’s Claw
Inquisitor Ivan Sternberg requests the aid of the mighty Space Wolves Chapter in the recovery of the ancient Talisman of Lykos, which he believes can cure the corruption ravaging the planet Aerius. Ragnar Blackmane and his squad of Blood Claws embark on a near-suicidal mission to retrieve the talisman before it is too late.

#3 – Grey Hunter
Ragnar Blackmane and the Space Wolves are en route to the sacred world of Garm in search of one of the Chapter’s most sacred relics when they are attacked by a huge Chaos fleet.
The enraged Space Wolves learn that there is more to the attack than they could have guessed, and that they must quell this Chaos incursion before one of the Chapter’s biggest foes is reborn.

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