The Shadow Wing by Sarah Painter

The Shadow Wing by Sarah Painter (Crow Investigations #6)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 966 KB

There’s a new Crow in town…

After the explosive events of The Copper Heart, Lydia must deal with a secret service operative with murder in his heart.
The mysterious Mr Smith has sent a professional assassin after Lydia and the bonds of blood are stretched to breaking point when it turns out to be someone very close to home.
Meanwhile, the head of the powerful Silver Family is demanding a favour and Lydia must comply or risk their fledgling alliance.

To be strong enough to beat the odds stacked against her Lydia must delve deep into Crow Family lore, but what she discovers is far from a fairy tale…
In a fight between two Crows, only one can win, but is Lydia willing to do what it takes to defeat her adversary?

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Categories:   Science Fiction & Fantasy