The Secret She Kept by Elle Gray

The Secret She Kept by Elle Gray (Blake Wilder FBI #5)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 458 KB

Soon, I’ll see you. Soon, we’ll be together again…
For FBI agent Blake Wilder, the past is inescapable.

And the one lead she had, regarding the mysteries of her past, only led to dead bodies and dead ends.
When Blake is assigned a new case, they find that their victim has been stuffed into a barrel — in pieces.
Their search for the killer propels them onto a grim and twisted path filled with confusion and false leads.
And for the first time in her career, Blake fears that she may not be able to solve this gruesome case.
But as they begin to unravel the knots of this mystery, they soon realize that everything they thought they knew could not be further from the truth. The stakes are becoming increasingly high for Blake as she delves into her past.

Powerful forces are in play and those closest to her may not be who they claim to be.
Her enemies are closing in and Blake doesn’t know who she can trust.
The man in the barrel’s past cost him his life and Blake finds herself wondering if hers will too.
Unknown to Blake, the key to solving the case of her past and the case of the body in the barrel is finding out one truth.
The truth of the secret she kept…

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