The Perilous Tower by Ian Irvine

The Perilous Tower by Ian Irvine (The Gates of Good & Evil #3)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | eBook | 1.2 MB

The terrifying Merdrun are invading – and the world no longer has an army.
Karan and Llian fled to the future to save their gifted nine-year-old daughter, but two days later Sulien far-sees the Crimson Gate reopen. The Merdrun are back, this time for good. And Santhenar, after the 160-year Lyrinx War and the decade of chaos that followed, is in ruins.

Within days, its greatest cities fall to the most deadly army the world has ever faced. But before the allies can begin the fightback, the Merdrun discover the worst folly of Scrutator Xervish Flydd’s long life. The location of the Council’s terrible lost weapon, an intelligent killing machine – the spellcaster.

A weapon the Merdrun are desperate to find, to cleanse Santhenar of the human race. And only Karan, Flydd and his handful of tormented veterans stand in their way.

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Categories:   Science Fiction & Fantasy