The Patsy’s Patsy by Brooke Shelby

The Patsy’s Patsy by Brooke Shelby (Witch’s Kitchen #3)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 240 KB

She’s a promising witch ready for a new life, but is she ready to defeat evil?
After identifying the murderer responsible for poisoning her customers, Maggie Corey might finally have a chance to settle into the new life she came to Hope’s Crossing to find. A blossoming friendship with the sheriff she’s become close to and a budding relationship with his daughter offers a promise of deeper connection. Meanwhile, she’s becoming an expert in the herb shop she inherited from her late Aunt Clara. And each day, she builds on her knowledge of the powerful magic that runs through the Corey blood, with help from her talking cat familiar, Bramble.
All too soon, Maggie’s idyllic break ends. A cozy life in Hope’s Crossing?
Not in the cards… yet.

A dealer is intoxicating the town with a new street drug called Green Demon. The drug’s dangerous potency derives from a substance, khat, that leaves people reeling for more, triggering an addiction epidemic. Worse, the bottles appear to be from Maggie’s store, leading some to believe she’s behind it.
This time Maggie has more more allies on her side to defend her name and the residents of the community from evil. But even the love and support of new friends might not be enough to stop the sinister force dead-set on driving Maggie and the Coreys from Hope’s Crossing once and for all.
In an epic battle that spans centuries, Maggie will need to rely on strength from allies, wisdom from Bramble, and, most of all, trust in her powers—and herself.

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller