The Mark of The Rebel by BK Thomas

The Mark of The Rebel by BK Thomas
English | 2019 | General Fiction | ePUB | 287 KB

A terrorist attacks. A widow wants justice. A General is kidnapped. One of these will change the world…
He was shrewd enough to survive serving in Saddam’s regime and is now part of the new government. Politics and tribal agendas threaten the peace he works so hard to build on a daily basis. The Iraqi General says goodbye to his family and heads to work for the day unaware that someone else has plans for him.

Terrorist leader Mashal Al-Bakr has visions of establishing the Caliphate and sets events in motion. He launches an attack in Syria to capture the world’s attention. US and Israeli intelligence are on the trail of Al-Bakr and the chase leads to the Lion’s Den, Damascus.
Sahila loses her husband in the vicious attack. Her grief and anger overflow as she demands justice from the governments involved in the Syrian civil war. She urges humanity to join her and rally against injustice. Her call rises above the chaos and violence as the Syrian tragedy becomes a focal point of the world. Can Sahila’s demands bring peace to the region or will the terrorists complete their mission?

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Categories:   Contemporary