The Maggot Colony by Grave Blackened

The Maggot Colony by Grave Blackened
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 135 KB

Total war until annihilation.
The intended audience for this book is not swayed by marketing hype or pop culture trends so your time will not be wasted with gimmickry and woo here.
The Saga of the Space Marines tells the story of the 3rd Marine Space Expeditionary Force and their bitter MAXWAR (mutually assured eXtinction war) against the Krag Subjugation.
Told from the view point of the warfighters on the front lines, the blue collar workers who build and maintain the infrastructure that supports them, and the scientists and engineers who develop the technologies that power their victories on the battlefield.
This mission, The Maggot Colony, relates the first part of the adventure, where their capital ship, The Good Shepherd, is critically damaged, and a small force is sent to establish an outpost on the surface of a nearby planet to secure much needed emergency supplies and fuel.
The situation is desperate, the fighting is brutal and the technical challenges both in space and on the planet surface seem insurmountable.

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction