The King’s Seal by Amy Kuivalainen


The King’s Seal by Amy Kuivalainen (Magicians of Venice #3)
English | 2021 | Horror | 1.2 MB

The search for the legendary ring of King Solomon has begun, and Penelope must sift through its long and convoluted history of lost emperors, crusaders, and other famous historical figures-including one with whom the magicians share their own complicated past-if she hopes to find it in time.

As Penelope’s magic continues to grow stronger with the coming high tide, she and Alexis will have to depend upon each other more than ever to keep everyone they care about safe from the continuing attacks by Thevetat’s priests.When the magical high tide finally peaks, the long-awaited battle against Thevetat will begin, and Penelope, Alexis, and the magicians will have to rely on both powers of old and new if they hope to defeat their enemy once and for all.

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Categories:   Horror