The Imperium Chronicles Collection by W. H. Mitchell

The Imperium Chronicles Collection: Stories of the Imperium Chronicles by W. H. Mitchell
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 824 KB

A collection of short stories set in the Imperium Chronicles Universe by W. H. Mitchell. Stories include content that was incorporated into the novels The Arks of Andromeda (2017), The Dragons of Andromeda (2018), and The Robots of Andromeda (2020).

Stories include:
“Magnus Black: Dead to Me”
“Devlin Maycare in The Caverns of Fire and Snow”
“Metal Messiah”
“The Crimson Kiss”
“Squire and the Green Knight”
“Magnus Black: Exit the Dragon”
“The Secrets of the Psi Lords”
“Song of the Sirens”

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Categories:   Science Fiction & Fantasy