The Hunger of Wolves by A.R. Ruggiero

The Hunger of Wolves by A.R. Ruggiero (Ashley Ruggiero)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | eBook | 712 KB

In a world where every vampire is born with a magical ability, Victoria was born with none and lives as an outcast in the kingdom she is destined to rule one day.

For seven years, Victoria Speranta has lived in isolation in the castle she calls home, living in fear of the outside. However, when the time comes when she must leave her sanctuary and attend Viata Academy along with every other young vampire, chaos erupts amongst the world of Terrarum when monsters with familiar faces threaten to destroy the life she is just learning to live again. In a place where power means survival, Victoria must overcome her own weaknesses and learn to trust others if she wants to live to see her own coronation.

With royal secrets on the verge of collapse, Victoria soon finds the line between victim and monster beginning to blur.

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