The Haunting of Winter Hill by Eddie Blakemore

The Haunting of Winter Hill by Eddie Blakemore
English | 2019 | Horror | ePUB | 170 KB

Winter Hill is a village in mourning. The recent death of local girl Ellie Parsons had shook the village to the core. The Reverend Michael Cunningham arrives at the village to make a fresh start, trying to forget the past and move on. But it seems that Ellie Parsons is not resting peacefully. Local people claim to have seen the girl and the details of how she died seem unclear.Is it simply a case of over active imaginations? Is there a spirit at large in Winter Hill ? or is it connected in some way to Michael’s past? Mike and his new verger Rebecca try to make sense of what is happening as the sense of unease spreads. Then people start to die…

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction