The Hanged Man by J.T. Brannan

The Hanged Man by J.T. Brannan
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 200 KB

Ray “Action” Jackson was one of the biggest movie stars of the ’80s – but when the young newcomer Frank Hardy arrived on the scene, the King was all set to lose his crown. But then Hardy was found dead – badly beaten and hanging from a tree in his own garden – and Jackson was arrested for his murder. Unable to face life in prison, Jackson’s body was found hanging in his cell soon after, just like his young rival.

A Hollywood scandal of intrigue, betrayal and murder, the story captivated the American public all those decades before, but has long since been forgotten – until Julia Gutierrez, the granddaughter of Ray Jackson, decides to try and set the record straight, convinced of her grandfather’s innocence.
Gutierrez finds Maxwell Knight – an expert in cold cases, re-investigating old crimes when it looks like justice has not been properly served – and the infamous LA private eye agrees to help her. But when he starts to delve deeper into the mystery, he reopens some old wounds – in the movie business and beyond – and finds that nothing is as it seems

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller