The Girl with the Red Lantern by K.N. Lee

The Girl with the Red Lantern by K.N. Lee
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 263 KB

The Matchmaker calls…
…and only the gifted will be selected.
As Mei and the other girls of her village are sent on a harrowing journey across the frozen plains, she wonders what exactly they are selected for. Their guide, a mysterious warrior with a giant fox won’t reveal any secrets, but seems to have a protective eye for her.

The new Emperor is said to be dangerous young man, with dark abilities. And, while the others think they’re being matched to become his Empress, Mei suspects something more.
Her hopes to honor her family name, and the magical red lantern are all that give her strength as dragons, mystical warriors, and sneaky gods stand in her way to the truth.
That–and the spirits of her ancestors.

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction