The First Heroes

The First Heroes: New Tales of the Bronze Age by Harry Turtledove, Noreen Doyle (see full list below)
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The Bronze Age. The era of Troy, of Gilgamesh, of the dawning of human mastery over the earth. For decades, fantasists have set tales of heroism and adventure in imagined worlds based on the real Bronze Age, from the “Hyborean Age” of the Conan stories to the Third Age of Middle-earth.
Now bestselling science fiction and fantasy author Harry Turtledove, a noted expert on the ancient world, teams up with author and Egyptologist Noreen Doyle to present fourteen new tales of the real Bronze Age from some of the best writers in science fiction.
In The First Heroes: here is Gene Wolfe’s mock-journal of a man from the future who travels with figures out of history and mythology; Judith Tarr’s tale of a a town that sends its resident goddess to try to learn the secrets of the morose God of Chariots; Harry Turtledove’s story about mythological beings witnessing the devastating effect of the first humans on the Earth’s natural order; and a poignant new story from the late Poul Anderson, in which a modern scholar is sent to the late Bronze Age to witness the end of an era, emerging with memories from the past as vibrant and intact as those from his accustomed life.

The Lost Pilgrim by Gene Wolfe
How the Bells Came from Yang to Hubei by Brenda Clough
The God of Chariots by Judith Tarr
The Horse of Bronze by Harry Turtledove
A Hero for the Gods by Josepha Sherman
Blood Wolf by S. M. Stirling
Ankhtifi the Brave is dying. by Noreen Doyle
The God Voice by Katharine Kerr & Debra Doyle
Orqo Afloat on the Willkamayu by Karen Jordan Allen
The Myrmidons by Larry Hammer
Giliad by Gregory Feeley
The Sea Mother’s Gift by Laura Frankos
The Matter of the Ahhiyans by Lois Tilton
The Bog Sword by Poul Anderson

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