The Devil You Know by Sean Stone

The Devil You Know by Sean Stone (Jacob Graves #3)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | eBook | 392 KB

Who is Magraval? When I had to choose sides between Dorian Gray and the masked wizard, Magraval, I used the old mantra: better the devil you know. I knew what I was getting with Dorian so he was the safer bet. After months of torment and terrorisation at the hands of Magraval, I’ve finally snapped and I’m not the only one. Dorian wants Magraval six feet under, and I’m the man he chooses for the job.

When Magraval ups the ante and starts slaughtering innocents at random, I have to stop him before the death count gets too high. Dorian will not accept failure. But how can I stop a man when I don’t even know who he is? I must figure out who is hiding behind the mask and end Magraval’s reign of destruction for good. The more I uncover about my mysterious foe, the harder my task becomes, and I soon discover that Magraval might just be the devil I knew better all along.

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Categories:   Science Fiction & Fantasy