The Cycle of Milanter by Julian Taylor

The Cycle of Milanter by Julian Taylor
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 473 KB

People are dying in Kellan’s Reach. The populace, inflamed by fear of the so-called Shaking Sickness, demands action. Most of those affected succumb. The survivors are the real concern.
An assassin with a conscience. Mandavin’s mentor had once labeled her as such. A mysterious new client has hired her to watch a poor, crippled boy and a child from the upper caste.
A young boy from the slums, crippled from birth and abused by his father, discovers he can dominate people’s minds. A wealthy businessman’s son—with the soul of an explorer, but promised to the priesthood—seeks to escape his fate.

Across the city, Tiala has developed symptoms of the terrifying illness. An illness that sometimes killed—but sometimes resulted in strange abilities. While outside the city, a young woman stops a charging bear by entering the beast’s mind. The two women are brought together by an odd old man who tells stories of myth and legend as if he’d lived them.
With magic’s return, political and social upheaval threaten to tear the fabric of society apart. The foundation of religion is shaken. Governments, challenged by a frightened population, must weigh the importance of rights vs. safety. And a few must determine who they’ll become when awesome powers awaken in them and the barriers of consequence and retribution crumble away.

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction