The Burden of Trust by Nikki Frank

The Burden of Trust by Nikki Frank (Borderland Legacy #2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 326 KB

Forces threatening to rip Olivia apart from within drive her out of the Central Borderlands and into the neighboring country of Hakushi. There, she asks if akuma Lord Iya can help her before her crisis becomes permanent. While Iya is willing to assist—for a price—Olivia is succumbing faster than anticipated. In a last-ditch effort to control the damage, Iya flees with Olivia to Earth, opening the door for complete disaster.
As a demon, Iya isn’t allowed on Earth. His breach of Borderlands law allows the goblin king to put a price on the heads of both the akuma lord and Olivia. With Iya’s help, Olivia controls the immediate problem and returns to the Borderlands to face the fallout.

But dealing with the goblin king won’t be as easy as apologizing. Iya and the goblin king have both been keeping secrets. As the truth slowly unravels, Olivia once again finds herself on the front lines of a battle. Only this time, the fate of the entire Borderlands and eventually Earth itself hang in the balance. Struggling with the true meaning of love, trust, and sacrifice, Olivia will be forced to confront her own fears in order to save those she loves.

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction