Terror Is Our Business: Dana Roberts’ Casebook of Horrors by Joe R. Lansdale, Kasey Lansdale

Terror is Our Business gathers together all of Dana’s and Jana’s previous cases in a single volume, and features an all-new adventure, “The Case of the Ragman’s Anguish,” written exclusively for this collection.
Join Dana and Jana as they investigate—and battle—angry jinns, malevolent shadows, ancient travelers, and soul-sucking shapeshifters. With two tough, resourceful women on the case, the specters from “the other side” won’t know what hit them!

Stories inlcluded:
Introduction: Dana Roberts, Her Kith and Kin
The Case of the Lighthouse Shambler
The Case of the Stalking Shadow
The Case of the Four Acre Haunt
The Case of the Angry Traveler
Introduction: Jana and Dana
Blind Love
The Case of the Bleeding Wall
The Case of the Ragman’s Anguish

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Categories:   Horror