Termination by JC Ryan, Kadin Rixx

Termination by JC Ryan, Kadin Rixx (Rossler Foundation Mystery #8)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 525 KB

The maniac John Brideaux is dead, and every member of his Supreme Council is in custody. General Thomas Hayden’s attempt to subject America to a dictatorship where he reigned supreme has been well and truly defeated by the Rossler Foundation, leaving Daniel Rossler as President of the United States.
Finally, there will be peace.
But all this time, the Russians have been watching. When the young, inexperienced, Daniel Rossler becomes the new American President, they know they’ve been presented with their best opportunity to make a move for world domination.

Even worse, within the first few days of taking office, Daniel is confronted with another threat–this one much worse than the Russians.
Remnants of the Eighth Cycle calling themselves the Re’an have for decades been building up a race of superhumans with one goal in mind–to take control of the world. If their leader, Viktor, and his Re’an get their way, the Eighth Cycle would make John Brideaux and his Supreme Council’s reign look like a Sunday School picnic.
Billions of people are about to die and there seems to be nothing America, the Rossler Foundation, or anyone else can do to stop the Re’an.
Has the Rossler Foundation finally met its match?

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