Tales of Hayven Celestia by Rick Griffin

Tales of Hayven Celestia by Rick Griffin
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2 MB

Tales of Hayven Celestia tells thirteen stories of ordinary people put in extraordinary circumstances. Stuck in situations far beyond their control, they have to make the hardest choices of their lives. The stakes have never been higher, and one wrong move will lead to catastrophe.

Consists of:
The Pseudonym by SixSydes
The Castaway by Gre7g Luterman
Unintended by Kandrel
The Curio by Kate Watts
Friend for a Day by Robert Carter
Cold Brew by Phox Sillanpaa
Bugs on a Ring by Wyatt Winters
The Next Life by Gre7g Luterman
Under the Umbran Sun by Frances Pauli
The Price of Compassion by Robert Carter
How to Die in Krakun Space by Phox Sillanpaa
Iron Echo by SixSydes
Life in the Stacks by Rick Griffin

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction