Survive the Blast by Dave Bowman

Survive the Blast by Dave Bowman
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 415 KB

Could you survive the end?
A coordinated attack throws the US into darkness. Panic takes over the nation. The only hope of survival is to escape the city. But that’s just the beginning.
When a mysterious warning appears online, Jack assumes it’s a hoax. But after an EMP destroys the electrical grid, his biggest fears come to life. And the worst part? He’s a thousand miles from his wife.

Annie’s in downtown Austin when she sees a plane fall from the sky. When the power fails, she realizes she’s become a target. But Annie soon learns that escaping the city will be harder than she ever dreamed. And if she doesn’t find safety fast, she’ll never survive.
With time running out, Jack must find his way out of Los Angeles. When a nuclear attack levels the city, Jack has to fight to survive. How can he escape LA and make it home to Texas? And will Annie still be alive if he does?

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction