Starfall by Amara Colfox

Starfall by Amara Colfox (Shattered Skies #1)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 380 KB

Melik is a stone-caster… He can bring sculptures to life. Imprisoned and insane, Melik creates a mouse from his prison-cell floor. The mouse whispers to him of freedom, but listening to the mouse only leads him further down the path of madness.

Melik’s uncle, King Idris, wrongfully imprisoned Melik for the death of Idris’s son. Trying to prevent a disaster from ravaging the city and avenge his son’s death, Idris wants to use Melik’s casting abilities for his own purposes. And then dispose of Melik. Beneath it all, a dark power that has not been seen in a thousand years is beginning to stir. And may spell ultimate destruction for all…

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Categories:   Science Fiction & Fantasy