Small Victories by Elliott Kay

Small Victories by Elliott Kay
English | 2020 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 1 MB

Even once the day is saved and the villains defeated, life may never be “normal” again. It certainly doesn’t get boring. A hero could wind up in love, or living on the run… or serving as a dormitory resident advisor in space.

SMALL VICTORIES contains seventeen stories from the series Good Intentions, Wandering Monsters, and Poor Man’s Fight. Collectively they include graphic sex, explicit violence, blasphemy, more graphic sex, rampant profanity, a homeowners association, polyamory, perfidy, fraternization, mushy conversations, toxic workplace conditions, poor leadership, morale issues, destruction of private property, fantasy depictions of demonic and divine beings bearing little or no resemblance to established religious canon, victim blaming, ambitious neighbors, sex in public, sex in private, sex while trespassing, kitchen sex, dressing room sex, indecent acts in a condominium listed for sale, mugging, stabbing, beating, shooting, impaling, defenestration, mutilated corpses, banditry, militarism, interrogations, false identification, low-gravity combat, nausea, vomiting, asphyxiation, teasing, lingerie, witchcraft, spacecraft, boarding actions, butter theft, police, homelessness, dangerous misuse of gym equipment, disrespect for vampires, breaking and entering, evasion of student visa restrictions, falsified dormitory records, phone calls of questionable timing, interstellar warfare, murder, assault, mistrust, harsh words, peer pressure, immolation, cinema criticism, abuse of authority, awkward conversations with mom, and alien drug mushrooms of questionable sentience in a refrigerator.

Good Intentions : Don’t Make It Weird
Live Like This
Lifestyle Changes
Rough Day
Minor Errands
Secret Shoppers
Date Night
This Year , I’m Thankful For …
Good Neighbors
Wandering Monsters : Side Quest
Wandering Monsters : Overhead
Poor Man’s Fight : Grunt Work
Stress Management
Odd Jobs
Room and Board

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction