Skins and Bone by John Baird Rogers

Skins and Bone by John Baird Rogers (Mayfield-Napolitani #2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 380 KB

Skins and Bone draws Joe Mayfield and Louise (Weezy) Napolitani into a world of high finance, European elegance, and murder. Joe lands his dream job: Move from Florida to New York, join the respected investment bank ZCG, fly with the finance eagles—and be a train ride away from Weezy, his brilliant lover.

It’s shortly after CyberWar I, and Weezy is chief tracker for the national data base, as well as a member of a group of dark-web hackers. ZCG uses complex financial derivatives called ‘Skins’ to craft protection for firms working in politically unstable regions.

Strangely, disaster seems to follow creation of Skins, and someone is raking in millions. Joe, curious, begins to dig. Murders begin. Undaunted, Joe and Weezy dig further. A financial conference in Vienna and a sumptuous cruise down the Danube to Budapest provide the opportunity for the man making the millions to eliminate his Joe and Weezy problem.

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