Skin Trials by S.Y. Humphrey

Skin Trials by S.Y. Humphrey
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 225 KB

Seren is one of the most powerful young women on Earth.
Beautiful. Smart. Rich. And soon, hunted.
By the year 2044, America has managed to restore delicate peace after the floods of the 2020’s, the flesh-eating outbreak and conflict that ensued. Now in Perfect Society, the new genetics-based government, life has improved for citizens in all the Tiers. Seren prepares to expand the new government in space.

Until the terrorist group Anthistemi shatters her perfect life. They expose the gruesome lie of Perfect Society, and the truth Seren never knew about herself. The world reaches outrage.
Once again, Old America clashes with New America. Old wounds lead to new bloodshed, pushing citizens to fighting that reaches apocalyptic proportions. There is one scientist who can end the rebellion and destruction.
Now that Seren knows, she must choose – the killer society that protects her, or the killer terrorists that threaten them all.

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction