Shadowtown by John Lutz

NYPD cops E. L. Oxman and Art Tobin, who hunted a serial killer in The Eye, are back with what may be their most bizarre case yet.

Shadowtown is the hottest soap opera in the country, even after the most popular character—a vampire—is killed off. The writers had little choice after the accidental death of the actor who played him. But now a real-life villain wearing the TV vampire’s cape has committed murder, slaying a former New York cop who was working as a night watchman on the show’s soundstage.

Meanwhile, actress Lana Spence, who portrays a femme fatale on the soap—and has ruined a few careers—has been receiving death threats for months. Could the murder and the nasty missives be related? Oxman and Tobin must sort through a cattle call of suspects to shine a spotlight on a crazed killer hiding in the shadows . . .

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller