Room in our Hearts and Other Stories by KL Chowdhury

Room in our Hearts and Other Stories by KL Chowdhury
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These are the tales of our times, of ordinary people, their joys and sorrows, their hopes and fears, their beliefs and doubts, and their desire to get along in life in spite of multiple challenges. Of people who have been uprooted from their homes and are trying to find their moorings again, of the people they left behind, and of the unbreakable bonds that connect them in spite of the forces of disruption and discord.

KL Chowdhury draws upon his experiences as a physician and a keen observer of people to present this colourful bouquet. The author’s sympathetic eye and humanity shine through each of these stories.
The duality of human nature-the good and bad, the indulgence and indifference, the trust and skepticism, the love and hatred-resonates in all the stories and make Room in Our Hearts a riveting read.KL Chowdhury’s first two volumes of short stories-Faith and Frenzy and Why Don’t You Convert?-have won much critical acclaim, and this third collection is even finer.

1. A Forgotten Vow
2. The Mind of a Terrorist
3. Yousuf
4. A Craving for Clay
5. Precious Son
6. The Pledge
7. Veena’s Orchard
8. Kumodhini
9. Of God, Religion and Ritual
10. Room in Our Hearts
11. Dumbstruck
12. Nagraj’s Wish
13. The Nadimarg Survivor
14. A Matter of Conscience
15. The Mysterious Ways of Tripur Sundari
16. An Indian Connection
17. The Ring of Suleiman
18. Virji’s Dream
19. Over a Cup of Coffee
20. Krishna is Hurt
21. The Poet with a Jaundiced Eye
22. The Bird Flew Away

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