Resolve by Owen Baillie

Resolve by Owen Baillie (Invasion of the Dead #5)
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 392 KB

Across Tasmania, the Invasion of the Dead strengthens. The last semblance of normalcy has fallen and the government has disappeared. As the breakdown of society forces Tasmania to its knees, the survivors fight for their loved ones, each other, and themselves. But it’s not only the infected they must battle. The worst kind of human behaviour surfaces as the greedy steal and bring suffering for their own reward.

Held captive in the junkyard, Juliet and the others wait for help as Skoota fights for his life to uphold his promise. Surrounded by the infected, Jim must confront the possibility of further failure, and Mac must decide whether to continue the search for Jessica and drag his friends into further peril. As Kumiko and Dan grow closer, will they realise their feelings, or is it too much to ask in such a world?
The survivors face new threats at every turn, while new people surface, adding their personalities to post-apocalyptic life. In the Invasion world, however, nobody can avoid their fate…

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction