Relentless by Candle Sutton

Relentless by Candle Sutton (Sinister Secrets #3)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 262 KB

The past never dies.
Haunted by failures from years ago, FBI Special Agent Dakarai Lakes fights to make sure he never repeats his mistakes. When a friend and mentor is abducted, Dak will do whatever it takes to bring his old friend home alive.
A message written in blood.
The kidnappers taunt Dak, writing his name in the victim’s blood. The personal nature of the crime unsettles him and his team, especially Special Agent Kevyn Taylor. Her background in psychology convinces her that this case is personal. The kidnappers want Dak involved, for reasons she needs to uncover… before it’s too late. Something tells her that the worst is yet to come.
An unthinkable nightmare.
As more abductions – and bodies – are linked to the kidnappers, the search grows more desperate. Time is running out. The kidnappers are organized, the crimes planned to perfection. Will Dak and his team find the victims in time? Or will the past exact a deadly toll?

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