Project Armageddon by Michael Stephens

Project Armageddon by Michael Stephens
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 300 KB

Abbie Talbot was a compassionate medical researcher following in her father’s footsteps. After losing her mother, Abbie spent most of each day volunteering her time at the hospital to those in need. The little free time she did have, she chose to spend with her father, a well-regarded professor and published researcher at the local university. Abbie’s days were long, fueled by the delight and care she gave to others. Her life was pleasantly redundant until a grief-stricken widow awoke emotions in Abbie that she deliberately buried deep within herself, hidden away behind her chaotic daily schedule, more than ten years ago when she lost her mother.

Now faced with this recent uprising of repressed feelings, Abbie struggles with the decision to give up her life’s work at the expense of disappointing herself, her friends, and family. Abbie’s day goes from bad to worse when a horrific event drastically changes her evening plans and the rest of her life. As the new owner of an ominous briefcase, she cannot open, and an enigmatic riddle to solve, outside forces threaten and intimidate Abbie, and her newly acquainted ally, Josh, into unlocking the mysterious briefcase and its secret. Their quest to uncover the secret puts her and Josh on the run from the FBI and others, leaving behind a trail of damage, destruction, and death that does not just affect them, but the potentially the entire world.

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller