Petty Crimes & Head Cases by Lola Beatlebrox

Petty Crimes & Head Cases by Lola Beatlebrox
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 650 KB

What do people at the hairdresser do besides get their hair cut, rolled, permed, dyed, or saved by a Portuguese Pump Up? They talk, and Tracy Lemon, owner of the Citrus Salon, is one good listener. Thanks to her abundant—and chatty—clientele, she’s able to help her policeman husband solve the crimes that happen in and around her small Western city.

Tracy discovers who killed the cat in the suitcase, who’s cooking meth in their basement, who robbed the gas station, and why the prime candidate for Ms. Cowgirl got run over by a train. The crimes and cases investigated by Tracy and her husband explore the most pressing of today’s social issues, taking on petty theft, prescription drug abuse, Medicare fraud, animal cruelty, gay rights and police brutality. Told with warmth and humor as well as suspense, and populated by unforgettable characters, Petty Crimes & Head Cases will entertain while conveying the humanity in today’s cops who have difficult bosses, tender family ties, and a deep sense of moral justice.

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller