Paranormal Solved by Grace Fleming

Paranormal Solved by Grace Fleming
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 288 KB

They only wanted to have a little fun.
In Savannah, Georgia, four college professors decide to ditch their boring research conference to crash a paranormal convention. What better way to spend their time in the City of Ghosts?
One by one, they sneak into lectures and presentations covering the many unexplained mysteries of the world. Amused by what they observe, they decide to take their fun a bit further: they each select a paranormal topic to investigate over the summer break. Being true professionals, their ultimate goal is to debunk the mysteries.
What could possibly go wrong?

From a suspenseful camping trip deep in the California woods, to a search for alien encounters at the mysterious Skylar Ranch, the university professors encounter terrifying and unexpected consequences–and discover the potential power behind a personal story.
Through their adventures, the four unveil the disturbing truth about paranormal phenomena–but for some, the truth is discovered too late.

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction