Origins: The Road To Power by Ricky Black

Origins: The Road To Power by Ricky Black
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 502 KB

When you seek great power, the road is paved with blood, bodies and broken souls
Growing up in Chapeltown Leeds, money is the main motivator, and sixteen-year-old Lamont Jones has none. Going to school and staying under the radar is getting him nowhere, and he soon jumps at the opportunity to sell weed, eager to make money and get the bullies off his back.
Spurred on by anger, tired of the cruelty of those around him, Lamont becomes Teflon, determined to be better, more powerful than any of his detractors. With his friend, the temperamental Shorty Turner, Lamont soon goes from weed to selling harder, riskier drugs, aiming to dominate Leeds’ entire market.

The money comes quickly — the respect for Lamont and his crew growing, but it puts him on the radar of the major kingpins. Lamont’s thirst for power and control lands him in the middle of a brutal gang war, forcing him to confront old faces from his past.
What follows is an action-packed rivalry, with high-stakes, kidnapping and street strategies of the highest order. Suffocating under power plays, passionate romances, and alliances, Lamont cannot afford to lose this game.

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller