Only the Devil Is Here by Stephen Michell

Only the Devil Is Here by Stephen Michell
English | 2019 | Horror | ePUB | 846 KB

When six-year-old Evan is kidnapped from his foster home, he is dragged into a world of shadows, monsters, and fire. Though he is desperate to escape from his violent captor—a man who calls himself Rook—Evan soon learns that Rook is the only one who can protect him from even more terrible dangers. As Evan discovers the mysterious man’s magical abilities, he begins to wonder if Rook is a man at all. Pursued across the wintery Southern Ontario countryside, with police dogs at their heels and deeper horrors lurking in the woods, Evan and Rook come to understand each other. Because Evan also has magical powers—ones he doesn’t yet know how to control.

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction