No Feign No Gain by Carrie Ann Knox

No Feign No Gain by Carrie Ann Knox (Sonic Sleuths #2)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 283 KB

Quinn Bailey has absolutely NO interest in sleuthing again any time soon. No way, no how.
After her first foray into the dark world of private investigations almost derailed her career, Quinn is staying laser-focused on finally becoming an audiologist. With her big-girl job all lined up and graduation mere weeks away, her plan is JUST about to pay off. But her best friend, wily, head-strong PI Sloan McKenzie, has other plans.

And when a big story breaks, dragging the girls into the spotlight–and imminent danger–she finally gets her wish. The girls are going to need to do a little digging.

In all the ensuing chaos, Quinn’s suspicious coworker goes missing, and the girls are quickly blamed. Suddenly she has nothing but time to sort out the real mastermind and clear her name. But when a mysterious package takes on a more sinister meaning, it becomes clear the girls need to find her former frenemy, safe and intact, and quickly . . . before someone else receives a disturbing delivery.
Like it or not, the girls are back on the case. And no matter what happens, this time there might not be an easy route back to life as they know it when they’re done.

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller