Murder on the Third Try by K.P. Gresham

Murder on the Third Try by K.P. Gresham (Pastor Matt Hayden #3)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 332 KB

Mike Hogan, former undercover cop who worked the Miami drug scene, wakes up in an Austin, Texas, hospital ICU. Not only is he missing part of his skull, he is missing four years of memories. In those four years he learns he’s become a pastor, taken a church in rural Texas, and fallen in love with the beguiling, red-headed owner of the town’s local bar.At least he remembers why he’s on the run in the Fed’s Witness Protection Program. Howard Rutledge, former Miami Chief of Police killed Mike’s father and brother, and wants Mike dead too. Mike’s testimony will put Rutledge in jail for racketeering, smuggling, and murder. When Mike wakes up in that ICU, he can only assume that Rutledge has found him. Mike is helpless with a broken body and an unsettled mind. Who are his friends and who are his foes? Can he trust the kindly sheriff who has hired security to guard him? Can he trust the woman whom his soul remembers but his brain does not? Who in this unfamiliar world is his assassin? Mike Hogan must stay alive to put Rutledge away, and the hole in his head and his piecemeal memory are not going to stop him.

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