Meridian Dawn by Lucas N. Brown

Meridian Dawn by Lucas N. Brown
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 944 KB

Matt Stevens is the science officer aboard the search and rescue vessel, the Argo. Stevens is not a field guy, and he knows it. His normal duties confine him to the safety of the Argo, and that’s exactly how he likes it. But his next mission threatens to tear him out of his comfort zone and place him squarely in the realm of his worst nightmare.
When an enigmatic scientist named Dr. Russell begins to brief them on the suicidal details of the mission, Stevens makes it abundantly clear that he wants no part of it. But something is not right about Dr. Russell; it appears as though he expected this very reaction from Stevens, and made sure to prepare for it accordingly. Dr. Russell casually pulls Stevens aside and reveals a tantalizing picture that he claims originates in the future. The alarming image depicts an all too familiar-looking girl from the rescue vessel, the Persephone. The woman appears blood-soaked and battered on a strange alien world with two suns. The setting bears a striking resemblance to the world they are being asked to attempt their own, unrelated rescue. Under normal conditions, Stevens wouldn’t bat an eye at such a photo; space is a dangerous place, filled with damsels in distress. But to Stevens, this is no normal damsel. And oddly enough, Dr. Russell seems to possess the illogical knowledge about what this woman truly means to him on a personal level.

Although they have never formally met, Stevens shares a deep and unexplained connection with this woman. She has been invading his lucid dreams for as long as he can remember. And in the real world, they seem to cross paths far too often to be mere coincidence. Upon seeing the photo, Stevens realizes that he never really had a choice. If he decided not to go and the mysterious woman never returned, he would be forced to drown in a sea of unending regret. With an eye tilted towards a disturbing image of an unknown future, Stevens allows himself to fall head-first into the tornado of mysterious events. The bloody train of nightmarish horrors that follow cauterize the perpetually scared introvert, unleashing the brave man that the universe always intended Stevens to be. All the while, Stevens edges ever closer toward the connection he’s been unconsciously seeking for his entire life.

When their two worlds finally come crashing together, the possibilities seem endless. Indulging in their fundamental connection changes them in profound ways, giving them a new perspective on everything that has happened to them throughout their mirrored lives. He is the key and she is the lock that holds the door; behind which lies the ultimate knowledge about the true source of their missions. The entangled pair seem as if they could actually be capable of stopping the evil that has been lurking just out of arms reach.
But on a planet like Meridia, things are not always as they seem.

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Categories:   Fantasy, Science Fiction