Magus by RH Frye

Magus by RH Frye
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 340 KB

An evil mage who was killed in a desperate battle by the predecessors of the Cherokee Indians has been waiting in his grave in the mountains near Cherokee, North Carolina, dead but aware, for more than 5,000 years when Danny and Carol stumble into the clearing above him and are forced by dark magic to awaken him through the power of a virgin sacrifice.

John Raintree is a construction contractor in Charlotte, North Carolina but is haunted by memories and dreams of his youth on the Cherokee Reservation in North Carolina. On the night of the resurrection, John dreams of the ancient battle that put the magus in his grave. His next dream is of his grandfather, left behind in Cherokee when John ran away as a teenager. In this dream, his grandfather tells John that he must come home to Cherokee. John at first refuses but finally agrees to come home if his grandfather can somehow convince him that the dream is more than just a dream. His grandfather tells John that he will know the dream is more than a dream when the phone awakens him with the news that his grandfather is dead.
As the magus walks the world again, ancient powers of good awaken to contest his powers, and a man who once denied his roots must come home to face the darkness growing in a world that thinks all magic is myth.

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller